Kenn Gray - The new Art & Design Director is Style Fashion Week


I am so thrilled to bring my love of art, fashion and interiors together as Art & Design Director of Style Fashion Week Global! Look for great things at all the Style Fashion Week events around the world! Make sure to follow me on Instagram @kenngrayhome for the latest updates and to follow me du by the process of creating magic!

Luxe magazine spread

I love being a part of such a visionary publication! So much inspiration comes from flipping through the pages of Luxe Magazine! What inspires you? 



My London Experience

Places you go can mean a lot of different things depending on your intention.  

My trip to London to attend the interior design blog awards gala was nothing less than inspiring.  

I arrived feeling trepidacious about the experience but left feeling a longing to stay.  

London was more than I ever dreamed it would be.  



Being nominated for this prestigious award and attending as a top 5 finalist out of over 700 of my peers was almost more than I could have imagined. A true testimony to working hard and having a clear vision of intent.  



A lot happened during my trip but mostly I gained an appreciation for the immense history and grandiure nature that London embodies. A true experience at the highest level. The people. The visual eye candy. The whole thing. Perfect.  

Do yourself a favor and travel to london. As often and as much as you can. Embrace the culture as I did and change your view.  

Thank you to everyone who made my experience one of the best of my life.  

Xo - Kenn  

Style Fashion Week in Palm Springs coming up soon and I have a surprise!


I am so excited to announce that I will be curating the art marketplace for Style Fashion Week here in Palm Spings on November 9-13!  

This will be an exceptional opportunity to see and buy from some of the valleys most sought after artists! AND a portion will go to charity!!! What is better than that?!? 

I will be Listing all of the artists soon but let me tell you, it is a long and impressive list!  

i love he idea of a creative fusion between art and fashion. You have heard me talk about that a lot and now it will be right in front of you at this fashion week! Get your tickets and use code SWINGPOINT for a discount!

Fashion and Fabulous on Hollywood!


Fashion and fabulous collide in Hollywood last night at Americas Next Top Model, Ava Capra's birthday event at The Argyle. Kennn Dolls unite! Rob Grace was there donning a very industrious fox while acclaimed model and influencer, Brandon Cole Bailey shared the spotlight with bestie Ava Capra and long time friend Kenn Gray. 



Justin Jedlica, the human Kenn Doll makes as effervescent an appearance as usual with Kenn Gray.  



Nathalia Castellon, influencer, model and Brand Snob, poses with friend and associate, Kenn Gray before dancing and of course taking more selfies for social media. ;) 



Interviews and good times were had by all! The kids of Hollywood know how to throw down and Kenn Gray, being no stranger to the red carpet, was no exception! He spoke about his new show, 'The Gray Area', which is in pre-production, as well as the fashion looks of the night. 

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Designing your life

Sitting here by my pool in Palm Springs California, looking at these majestic mountains, tends to start my day perfectly...with inspiration and gratitude.  

Photo by Red Door Pictures

Photo by Red Door Pictures

I have always been inspired by nature and the desert landscape certainly has been an invigorating call to action!  

Many of my new clients are not sure how they can create their living spaces to be aligned with either the architecture of their home or even what is outside.  

I often try to bring the outside in. Using stone or other natural resources and neutral colour palettes is one way to do this. Being creative isn't a gift, it's only a matter of looking and thinking. 

Designing your life starts with you. Then it ends with a perfect melding of all the wonder around you.  


Look, listen, and create! 

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xo - Kenn  

Interior Blog Awards nomination!

I am so honored to be nominated for the Interior Desogn Blog Awards! Please go to and VOTE! Also, please share to your Facebook page! I promise a wonderful blog series coming to you about everything design as this all unfolds! Thanks so much! 


Fashion Week El Paseo 2016: Days 3 & 4 & 5

Day 3

So you wanna see the wizard??? The wizard of #interiors at your service!

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Kenn Gray at Palm Springs fashion week.

Posted by Kenn Gray on Monday, April 4, 2016


Day 4

Great night so far!

Posted by Kenn Gray on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fashion week after partay!

Posted by Kenn Gray on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Day 5

Livin the pony tonight at #epfw #palmspringsfashionweek #palmsprings #fashion #hair @palmspringslifemagazine

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Another great night!!

Posted by Kenn Gray on Wednesday, April 6, 2016